The circle of my life over a large number of years has brought me to a place where all of my education, my life experience, and my entire professional and personal journey have led me to the Holy One.  I continually experience the fall into the mystery of God deep within me and within all creation throughout the cosmos.  Thus, I come to being a spiritual director.

My education with a Bachelor of Arts from Hiram College was in liberal arts focusing on science education and  a  Masters of Education from Kent State University was an immersion into the wholeness of working with people to develop understandings of  and love for the intricacies of our universe.

I have led school classrooms filled with eager minds to directing an environmental education center with informal education for preschoolers to seniors.  My focus has been on bringing other children of God to approaching creation with the use of their head, heart and whole body.  My continuing involvement with the Institute for Earth Education has been three-fold: education for the earth, interpretation of the cultural and natural world, and contemplative experiences within creation.
Rich Horton 2015There is for me an on-going involvement in the trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit; earth, air, and water; education, interpretation, and contemplation.  My journey has led me to certification as a “Spiritual Director & Dream Workshop Leader in the Jungian Christian Tradition” from The Haden Institute.  I am a current member of Spiritual Directors International.

I approach my role as a spiritual director grounded in Celtic and Franciscan spirituality where God is all in all.  I am an active holy listener as we share the journey into wholeness with God at the center of our being.  I believe strongly in encouraging seekers to use all of their being – head, heart, and body – to find the Spirit moving within them.  It is the movement of that Spirit that brings the blessings of love, joy and wonder into daily living as beloved children.