Offerings – Wedding Officiant 

Rich is here to design and officiate at a ceremony of celebration of the love of two people. Whoever you are and what traditions you come from, Rich will honor you as you celebrate a new life together as a married couple.  Rich is an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church and licensed to solemnize marriages within the State of Ohio.  Rich will get to know you through pre-marriage consultations to facilitate the type of service that reflects who you are as a couple and to honor your spiritual selves and traditions. This will be accomplished through at least two consultations and planning sessions. Rich will also facilitate a rehearsal and officiate at your ceremony at the site of your choosing.

Basic fee: $600

Offerings – Presentations: 

Presentations are approximately 45 minutes to an hour and are interactive; often with images, sounds and related objects.

“What in the World is Spirituality? – Through images and experiences we explore what spirituality is and how it may or may not be different than religion.

“A Spiritual Director is What?” – Using a group setting for spiritual direction, attendees will experience what a spiritual director is and how that director walks with you in your life journey.

“Walking with St. Francis” – Using the model of the life of St. Francis of Assisi, we will explore the special meaning of his life and works for us today.

“The Wonder of Celtic Spirituality” – Music, prayer and art will focus our attention on the wondrous love that has grown out of this ancient spirituality.

“Come into the Spirit of Celtic Advent: A Season of Joy and Gratitude” –  Experience living the joy and gratitude of Celtic spirituality through inner pilgrimage, nature, community kinship and art focused on the season of Advent.

“Simply Living to Simply Live” – Against a backdrop of the cacophony of power, prestige and possessions, participants will experience techniques for living simply that get them in touch with the clear center of their being in God that allows them to simply live.

“The Joyful Mysteries of Your Life” – Experience the ability to bring new joy and vigor into your living through a fantasy exercise of dipping into the treasure chest of past personal joys.

“Mercy, Mercy, Mercy – If We But Knew the Gift of God” – Through the use of the Jesus prayer and the creation of personal prayer flags, you will come to know the gift of God’s mercy in your own lives.

Offerings – Retreats

“Earth Walk: Contemplative Experiences in Nature” – 

An in-service for spiritual directors, clergy and those in helping professions providing experiences of contemplation and community with the first Bible…God’s creation!

Apprentice yourself to nature by wandering in it, based on the work of psychologist and wilderness experience leader Bill Plotkin.   You go out with no specific plan -just open yourself and become attached to the wonders of God’s creation.

There will be times of quiet contemplation as you reflect on the nature before you and around you.  This retreat day includes a variety of offerings: quiet meditation, group prayer, creative expression (be sure to bring a journal), small group sharing and silent solo wandering. Experience a deeper relationship with our Creator through time spent in nature with a spiritual community.

The experience lasts approximately 5 hours, usually from 10 am to 3 pm.

Cost is $300

soaring eagle


Offerings – Resources – Lending Library for seekers, and featured this week are: 

Books: Dialogues with Silence: Prayers and Drawings.  By Thomas Merton

Audio CD’s: In the Footsteps of Francis: Awakening to Creation. By Richard Rohr, OFM

DVD’s: The Enneagram as a Tool for your Spiritual Journey. By Russ Hudson and Richard Rohr, OFM.